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First, log in or register an account.
You then need to get a balance by depositing bitcoin or other coins to your account. Once you have deposited, your Bitcoin transfer needs one confirmation before it is credited to your account.
Select how much steps and what the amount you want to play. Click button Play and choose Left or Right on every step. You will win the main reward when you will reach all steps. You can decide also to stop playing and "Take small reward" by clicking an active button, reward will be much smaller but guaranteed.
You can decide how many steps you need to reach to get the main reward. More steps, bigger reward
You can decide to set bigger amount for playing one game but also you will be able to win a bigger reward.
You can choose which coin you want to play with. You can play and win Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or Cryptonits
If the button "Take small reward" is active you can decide to stop playing and take smaller reward but guaranteed. You don't need to use this button if you want to win the main Reward.
This value informs you what is the cost of one game. It depends on how many Steps you choose and what Rate you set up. Bigger one game cost = bigger potential reward.
This value informs you what is the main reward and it also depends on how many Steps you choose and what Rate you set up.
You can try all game function for free and check how it works without depositing and creating an account. In Demo mode, you can't win real Reward but when you will be ready you can click the button "Play now" and try on the real game with real rewards.
In your Dashboard, go to Deposit and choose coin. Use the QR Code to scan with your mobile Bitcoin wallet or copy the Bitcoin address and paste it in your bitcoin client. After confirmation of payment via the network, funds will be added automatically to your account balance.
Deposits require 1 confirmation before they are shown in your balance. On average, confirmation takes approximately 15 minutes from the time of the transaction, provided the sender included a sufficient transaction fee.
Yes. Every reward is adding to your account balance.
Insert your wallet address in your Profile section. Click on Withdraw button and type amount of coins you would like to withdraw. You will see your transaction in the Withdrawal section with the actual status.
It can take from a few minutes to a few hours.

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